Which CBD oil for weight loss?

Thomas (Tomeo)


August 17, 2021

CBD oil is a great tool to help you on your journey for a healthier life. When thinking about which CBD oil you should choose for weight loss, our recommendation is definitely full spectrum CBD oil.

Unlike CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD oil also contains small traces of THC (usually around 0.3%) and other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, which are creating so called entourage effects.

Altogether they help the intestinal tract of your body to absorb CBD oil better, cross the blood-brain barrier, or delay the liver’s breakdown of CBD when taking the CBD oil and making the weight loss more effective.

Full spectrum 5% CBD oil for weight loss, relax

If you are completely new to CBD, we recommend you to start with a lower concentration of CBD oil – you can choose our 5% premium full-spectrum CBD oil. Take 1 full dropper on an empty stomach in the morning for 2-3 weeks and check how it affects you. When you feel comfortable, take another full dropper later that day.

Also, after that you can reach for higher concentration – Cannglory 10% full-spectrum CBD oil to increase the weight loss effect.

However, be cautious and do not mix CBD oil with other dietary supplements, such as weight loss pills and drinks, some side effects may occur.

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