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Full Spectrum CBD Oils in bio quality

Our CBD oils are full-spectrum oils from organic farms in Switzerland. Only pure cannabis and coconut MCT oil.

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Effects of cbd

Why is CBD good for your body and mind


CBD Pain Oil is a natural medicine used in situations where back pain, headache, migraine, menstrual pain or arthritis are almost incurable by generally available methods.

Mental illness

The psychological effects of CBD oil rank this product among the most effective natural antidepressants. However, studies have also shown the extraordinary effects of CBD on the fear of animals or people or a number of other mental problems.

Sleep disorders

CBD and sleep is a combination that has been scientifically proven by many renowned studies. CBD for sleep disorders is the best inherent and natural way to prevent these extremely widespread problems.

Weight loss

Hemp Oil for Weight Loss is a popular tool to naturally reduce excessive weight. Experience of CBD oil in weight loss has shown the ability to convert fat cells. CBD weight loss is based on turning white fat cells into brown, associated with weight gain.


Beat cancer with hemp oil. Cannabidiol in chemotherapy gives hope to patients with this malignant disease to relieve pain or even slow down the course of the disease. Hemp Cancer Oil stimulates the human body in a non-toxic way.

Other diseases

Beat disease with CBD. This is a phrase that is becoming increasingly realistic. What diseases does CBD help with? The list of diseases for which the effects of CBD are proven includes COPF, asthma, acne, rheumatism, psoriasis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Effects of cbd

CBD for animals

CBD oil is also suitable for animals. Solve mental problems, pain or animal diseases with CBD oil in a natural way.


Are you looking for natural dog sedatives? The best way to help your pet is to use CBD oil for dogs suffering from arthrosis or other painful problems. Studies of CBD in epilepsy in dogs have also shown particularly effective results.


Cat sedative should contain substances that will help your pets and not harm them in any other way. These include CBD oil for cats suffering from arthrosis or other painful problems. CBD is also used to treat cat cancer or even unpleasant epilepsy.


Equine Cushing’s disease or shaking head syndrome are common and unpleasant health problems for horses, which are extremely difficult to find solutions to. One of the few ways to solve them by a natural method is cannabidiol. CBD oil is also suitable for horse laminitis.

Other animals

Cannabidiol has a great effect in solving the health or mental problems of various animals. Try natural CBD oil for small animals, CBD oil for rabbits, CBD oil for budgerigars or CBD oil for cattle or birds.

Boost yourself and get the most out of your life

People say about Cannglory


Cannglory is here to make your life better. We do our best to satisfy your needs. All the way from our laboratory to your hands.

CBD from Cannglory is my morning and evenng ritual. I can sleep much better, recovery time after my workout is much shorter a I feel fresh!

This are great products!




“Unfortunately, I had a few migraines every now and then and that’s quite uncomfortable on the way. 🙄😁 My first aid tip for this is fresh cold water on the face, especially on the neck and temples. And if that doesn’t help, I always have CBD drops from @cannglory with me!”


Sabine (@herbackcountrylife)


I was very concern about my stress level. I am surprised how Cannlory CBD 10% lowered my stress and now I am much more efficient at the office!




My Milo can feel when I have a headache or feel down. And Cannglory CBD helps us both. Milo stays calm even at the Vet’s visits.

Nicole CBD review

Nicole Lenhardt (@verwolft)


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CBD is widely used


The non-psychotropic substance cannabidiol also has great potential for health problems, their prevention or the skin care of seniors. A large number of studies have confirmed great effects on diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, CBD does not affect consciousness or behavior even in this older age group. After ingestion, you can expect pain reduction, muscle tension relief, improvement of sleep or relief of anxiety.


CBD oil affects 2 receptors. CB 1 receptor is directly related to the receptor. CBD 2, on the other hand, is more prone to inflammation or pain. In the case of ADHS, the level of dopamine is low and cannabidiol helps to increase it. This improves cognitive processes in the brain and treatment, for example, in the case of personality disorders. Another great feature is the optimization of anandamide levels in the body of children, which helps in the treatment of autism and to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures.


The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabidiol are some of the most important that this substance possesses. Reducing high levels of prostaglandin or other inflammatory substances will ensure that effective menstrual pain becomes a thing of the past. CBD is also suitable for other female problems such as menopause or endometriosis due to muscle relaxation or endometrial tissues. You can do all this without the unpleasant side effects associated with conventional pain medications.

CBD in everyday life

Cannabidiol can improve everyday life. Each of us sometimes has to deal with such frequent problems as stress or insufficient concentration in learning. In recent years, the popularity of CBD for toothaches or CBD for tension has increased enormously. Canabidiol has many great effects, able to make us more comfortable or improve even on the worse days. It can also be used in sports or fitness. CBD is a great way to regenerate.

CBD-Öl für den täglichen Gebrauch


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Content of Cannglory CBD Oils

Contents Amount
Coconut oil* 55% – 70%
Hemp Extract* 30% – 45%
*from organic agriculture
Volume 10ml (~250 drops)
Weight 9,5g (CBD content 520 mg – 1575 mg)
5% – weight percentage of CBD to total oil weight

Full spectrum means that an oil or product contains all the cannabinoids that are naturally occurring in the cannabis plant.

MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil is a type of saturated fatty acid, acts as a carrier for the CBD in order to allow for a larger concentration of the CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Highest quality CO2 extraction

Pure coconut MTC carrier oil

Laboratory tested full-spectrum CBD oil

Swiss-made 100% bio controlled quality

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