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Is the Best CBD Oil 5%, 10% or 15%?

Dr. Med. Vladimir Krasula


April 9, 2021

Customers often ask us which CBD oil is best for them in terms of concentration. CBD oil products come in a range of concentrations, meaning some contain higher doses of cannabidiol than others. There is no unambiguous answer to this, because each body is suited to a different concentration, but you can work it out yourself:

● 5% CBD oil is a sufficient concentration for an ordinary person who wants to improve their physical and mental condition. It is the best CBD oil to start with.This concentration already achieves the desired effect of homeostasis in most of our customers. It has preventive effects. Some consumers may not feel the effect and require a higher concentration.


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● 10% CBD oil already has a stronger effect and is suitable for dealing with acute or more severe conditions. If you experience a problem, reach for 10% concentration. It can still be your starter CBD oil, as many customers will eventually switch to it. It has therapeutic effects and appears to be the most appropriate concentration in general.

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● 15% CBD oil is suitable for top athletes or severe conditions. This concentration may already be strong for some people and it is necessary to work your way up to it gradually. This should not be your first choice if you start with CBD. There may be a slight laxativity due to the high concentration of the active substance. But it is a ideal
concentration for the highest possible CBD effect.


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Higher concentrations are also applicable. 20% is considered to be Premium Concentration and few Cannabis sativa varieties achieve these concentrations. High concentrations such as 30% or even 40% are unreasonably high. Such high CBD content is naturally absent in the hemp plant and must be increased by demanding technological procedures. It is almost impossible to keep the natural THC concentration below 0.2% in concentrations higher than 25%, therefore processing is industrially demanding, which reduces the quality of the resulting product.

Most consumers have a problem with these concentrations because the body is unable to process this amount of cannabidiol at the same time. It is eliminated without benefit, possibly also with side effects without the occurrence of positive effects.

As an aside, in our opinion, anything less than 2.5% isn’t strong enough for most people, unless you’re buying it for your pets to use.

If you’re new to CBD oils, we recommend starting with a low to moderate concentration. Then, you can gradually work your way up to higher doses if needed. No matter how you’re using CBD, it’s easier to increase your dose than it is to decrease it. Observe how it affects your body, and you’ll be better informed on how to adjust your dose in the future.

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