Can you take CBD and the blood thinners together?

Dr. Med. Vladimir Krasula


June 7, 2021

Blood thinners are a common prescription for people with various medical conditions, but there are different forms of them – some of them thin the blood and some of them are increase the time it takes for blood clots to form.

As many people use CBD to relieve them from pain, it can happen that the substance is taken alongside these blood thinners. CBD may act as a potent competitive inhibitor for all the enzymes in the CYP450 system, which may cause blood thinners to stay in your bloodstream for too long. Taking CBD may increase plasma concentration in your body, as well as the INR. This could potentially cause bleeding complications in the body.

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The effects of combining blood thinners and CBD is still unclear, medications are absorbed differently by different bodies and may respond differently when combined with other substances, such as CBD. Therefore, we advise you to talk to your doctor to prevent any unwanted side effects when taking CBD with blood thinners.

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