Dr. Med. Vladimir Krasula

Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin

He is working in medical practice for 46 years. He gained a lot of experience with general medicine in different countries of the world. He worked actively for 4 years as a doctor on a mission in Africa. Upon his return, he served as the head of the National Institute for Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases. Dr. Krasula recognized the effects of CBD not only in his practice but also directly on himself.


Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Pulmonologist




CBD helps far more than I expected

Since 1972 I have been working as a specialist – pneumologist, specialist and general practitioner in various European countries, and I spent 4 years on a mission in Zambia. He has devoted his entire professional life to common and serious health problems. Hundreds of my patients always rely on me in my office in Löwenstein (Stuttgart).

CBD oil is recommended to my patients for sleep problems as a natural alternative to medication. But not only that, my patients report a significant remission of chronic pain and anxiety problems. I am surprised by similar effects of a purely natural substance, I was no longer surprised that CBD has helped practically every patient who uses it for a long time.

What problem did CBD solve for me?

CBD helps me with a significant improvement in sleep. I don’t wake up at night, the phases of deep sleep are longer and in the morning and I wake up physically and mentally rested.

In addition, at my age I have to take care of my central nervous system. According to available clinical trials, the use of CBD oil can be a very effective means of preventing diseases of civilization such as Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy and generally has a neuroprotective effect. That’s why I use CBD regularly.


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