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CBD oil – which concentration is the best

This is the most common form of cannabidiol use. They are most often prepared by mixing extracts from the cannabis plant, which contains this active substance, and the infused oil from the seeds of the same plant. The dosage of CBD oil is extremely simple and precise. It all comes down to how much CBD oil strength is in your chosen product. The strongest CBD oil on the market is the 50% CBD oil, but there are many others to choose from. When choosing the CBD oil correctly, you need to pay attention to what problem you plan to solve. Many people address the question of what concentration to choose for pain, CBD concentration for those of younger years while learning or concentrating. 

A 10 ml pack contains approximately 250 drops. In the case of 5% oil, you get 2 mg of the substance per drop. At 10% it is 4 mg and at 20% oil up to 8 mg of cannabudiol. Experts agree on the following general dosing recommendations. However, the fact that each person reacts differently to cannabinoids should be taken into account.

Tinnitus10 to 20 mgHalf a dose in the morning and the other in the evening
Lyme disease20-60 mgDaily and oral intake
Schizophrenia40-1280 mgDaily and oral intake
Depression5-10 mgDaily and oral intake
Epilepsy200-300 mgDaily for 4 months, taken orally
Multiple sclerosis2.5-120 mgDaily for two to fifteen weeks, taken orally
Huntington’s disease10 mg per 1 kg of a person’s weightDaily for six weeks, taken orally
Chronic pain2.5-20 mgDaily for 25 days, taken orally
Health boost2-15 mgDaily, oral intake
Acute pain2-15 mgDaily, oral intake

5% CBD oil

Have you decided to buy %5 CBD oil? It is this lowest concentration that is especially suitable for improving performance. 5% or 10% CBD oil has no side effects and cannot result in overdose. The effect of 5% CBD oil is suitable for sports, fitness or stress. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid triggers specific reactions. For athletes, unblocking cannabinoid receptors, which are part of the endocannabinoid system, is particularly important. It can react to the hormonal system and positively affect mood, metabolism or pain perception. The main purpose of this system in the body is to maintain its balance. 

5% CBD is also suitable for recreational use. 5% hemp oil is especially gaining popularity in sports, where both amateur and professional athletes are reaching for it. This will help to improve concentration, sleep or overall recovery of the body, which is crucial for their performance. With this, consequently, comes faster and more efficient muscle growth. 

5% CBD oil also has its place among fitness enthusiasts. They have to fight catabolic hormones that reduce muscle mass. Anticatabolic supplements are used to reverse this process. In the case of our preparations, however, you will achieve a reduction of catabolic hormones in such an amount until the expected muscle growth comes in and you will prevent its rapid deterioration. Moreover, CBD helps in relieving pain and has anti-inflammatory effects as well. By regulating important chemical processes in the body, it combats anxiety and helps to achieve quality sleep. The latter is important in proper recovery and muscle building.

Cannabidiols, by acting on the endocannabinoid system and protecting the nervous system, affects the transmission of serotonin or its production in the body, which is also known as the hormone of happiness. The dosage is extremely simple as it is an oral drop. Due to the absence of side effects, it is also suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and even for children at this concentration. 

10% CBD oil

10 percent CBD oil is a proper substitute for sleeping pills. With CBD, sleep disorders will be resolved without fear of negative side effects or even addiction. Although the dosage is individual, daily use in the form of tinctures is recommended. To begin with, choose 5 to 10 mg of the substance per day; subsequently, with insufficient effects, you can increase the dose. At these doses, the substance acts as a mild stimulant and stimulates the same receptors as caffeine. The preparation should be taken a few hours before sleep.

But where to buy 10% CBD oil? Of course, it is a good idea to read online user reviews or make sure that you have all the available information about the product, such as ingredients, side effects and dosage for sleep disorders and other problems. Comparing prices is also a good way to rule out buying from speculators who are targeting less experienced users and can make good money from them.

15% CBD oil

15% CBD oil is mainly used for psychological disorders. Experts recommend CBD against depression, anxiety, SM or Parkinson’s disease. In fact, 15 percent CBD oil has shown great results against anxiety conditions. During the studies, lower behavioral signs of anxiety or improved physiological symptoms were observed in users. People struggling with post-traumatic stress disorders, social disorders or psychological attacks can also find help here. 

In the case of Parkinson’s disease, users experience improvement in Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale (UPDSR) scores or psychosis. UPDRS addresses factors such as gait, speech, fine motor skills or mental status. There are also positive results from studies that have shown improvements in cell survival and the expression of proteins that are associated with nerve cell growth. In this way we also prevent the decrease in toxins that is induced by nerve growth factor, which help in the regeneration of neurons. CBD protects neurons with its antioxidant effect and also prevents muscle tension. 

20% CBD oil

20% CBD oil is used to achieve faster muscle recovery, better quality sleep, also used for depression or anxiety conditions, as a supplement for Parkinson’s disease or to relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis. If you decide to buy 20 percent CBD oil, you should already have some experience with this substance. This is because it is a relatively high content, which may impact the expected effects for beginners. 20 percent CBD oil contains approximately 8 mg of the substance in one drop. 

Sprinkle 20 percent CBD oil under your tongue and leave it for a few minutes. The time of day for use is not specified. For better effects, it should be taken while fasting or an hour after a meal. Before a meal, it can be more difficult to feel the effects as the body concentrates on digesting it. 

25% and higher CBD oil

We can also find much stronger products with this active ingredient on the market. We can come across 25% CBD oil, 30% CBD oil or even 50% CBD oil. These are also applied under the tongue (sublingual method). The substance then enters the bloodstream more quickly through the capillaries in the tongue than when swallowed. You can expect the effects within half an hour. CBD oils with high concentrations are used for severe or chronic pain conditions or severe psychological disorders. They are especially suitable for users who have tried CBD in the past. 

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