Is the Best CBD Oil from Controlled Farming?

Thomas (Tomeo)


April 9, 2021

There are many farms growing hemp for technical purposes in the world. The highest quality hemp is grown in the USA and in Europe only in Switzerland. Cannabis sativa plant contains very different proportions of CBD and THC and other substances depending on the variety. Cannabis in nature acts as a “sponge” – it absorbs all the substances from the surroundings. The form of cultivation is therefore extremely important.

Cannglory produces its Cannabis in Switzerland, which allows us to maintain our high production standards and closely monitor our production.

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We produce Cannabis on several hectares of controlled indoor conditions using greenhouses equipped with light deprivation systems on outdoor fields. Also, all post-harvest processes, including drying and curing, as well as all processing, such as extractions, packaging, and bottling are performed in Switzerland.

Being grown without chemicals, pesticides and GMOs is extremely important for hemp; as well as the cleanliness of the environment in which it is grown. Hemp grown for CBD must be natural, of organic quality. Therefore, a high quality CBD producer must have all European certificates and have the quality and content of substances in its products by regularly checked by independent laboratories, which Cannglory definitely has.

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