Thomas (Tomeo)

workoholic, mountain lover, cold water swimmer, biohacker, wine enthusiast

Tomeo works daily in the office. Exhaustive mental work is balanced by an active lifestyle and biohacking. He loves the mountains and regularly goes swimming in the lake. In summer and winter.


Engineer of telecommunications


Mountain Hiking

Cold Water Swimming


Wine Tasting

I make my mind better. Every day

My work is fulfilling, but working at the office all day every day is demanding. I need to keep by mind sharp and therefore I spend a lot of my free time in the mountains. I love all-day hikes. Just sitting on the mountain top and enjoying the moment, brings me the mindfullness and deep mind relaxation.

CBD oil has he same effects on my workdays as the mountains on my free time. Thanks to the CBD oil I can operate more efficiently and get better sleep to recover my mind.

I am also aware of mental health and I understand, that in my elderly age my brain will need every brain-cell and every neural connection left, so I am trying to protect is good as it gets. And it seems to work with CBD.

Why have I chosen Cannglory?

I have tried several CBD oils. What I admire on Cannglory oils the most is its effect – obviously. A clear choice for me is 10% CBD oil. But I also like the taste. It is mild, but still have the hemp kick.  And the MCT carrier oil is very nice bonus – I eat also pure MCT oil in my Bulletproof coffee daily. I love it!


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