CBD for rabbits

CBD oil for animals

A number of scientific studies in recent years show cannabidiol as a great way to solve health or psychological problems in animals. However, few people know that there are other than cats or dogs involved in this regard. Most of them also have an endocannabinoid system that is able to cooperate with this substance. In addition to the aforementioned pets, there is CBD oil for small animals, CBD oil for rabbits, CBD oil for guinea pigs, CBD oil for budgies, CBD oil for cattle and CBD oil for birds. 

An important effect of the preparations is the ability to kill cancer. Research has shown that CBD has a positive effect on reducing the growth or spread of cancerous cells. However, they can also be used for pain relief. CBD interacts with the vanilloid receptor in the brain or similar neurons, preventing them from sending pain signals to the body. Many pet owners from time to time also have to deal with their dislike of food. This phenomenon is mostly associated with a particular disease. CBD stimulates appetite and reduces nausea

Dosing is also easy, thanks to the oil being dripped directly into the animal’s mouth. The daily dose is influenced by the specific problem and especially the weight of the animal. 

CBD for birds

cbd for birds

CBD in birds has several uses. An important benefit is the efficient provision of quality nutrition. Thanks to the right composition, this is an extremely popular supplement for their owners. The endocannabinoid system also plays a major role in this type of animals, which is able to maintain the homeostasis of the organism. However, make sure that the preparations contain the right amount of omega-3 acids. Each of the bird species may react differently to this ingredient. This is where the dosage may differ. An interesting choice can be hemp seeds (nuts), which birds like and thanks to them they get a sufficient amount of fibre and fat.

In our country, CBD oil is most commonly used in the case of budgies. In addition to being able to supplement their diet properly, in this way you can also solve more serious health problems. CBD battles joint pain, protects them from inflammation throughout the body, and in older age also replenishes the aforementioned important nutrients and strengthen the immune system. It may surprise you, but even budgies or other birds can suffer from joint pain. CBD targets receptors in the body (which is what this study is talking about) that will limit the perception of pain and the expected relief comes. In terms of reaching an older age, you help them by making substances like GABA, dopamine or serotonin work more efficiently. 

CBD oil for rabbits

CBD oil for small animals is also a way to make their lives more enjoyable. The most common use of this species is in rabbits. CBD oil for rabbits reacts to the endocannabinoid receptors CBD1 and CBD2, the metabolic enzymes MAGL and FAAH or the endocannabinoids 2-AG and anandamide. This cooperation in turn has a positive effect on the regulation of pain, hunger, sleep, inflammation, immunity, reproduction, memory, anxiety or metabolic functions. CBD as a pluripotent compound works in their body based on many mechanisms that eventually lead to great therapeutic or healing results. As a study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research showed, administration of as little as 2 mg of this substance contributed, for example, to the stabilization of intraocular pressure in rabbits.

The oils themselves are administered to rabbits sublingually (under the tongue). According to experts, the dosage should be determined according to the body weight of the animal. At the initial dose, they agree on 0.25 mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight. We can then increase it according to the rabbit’s reactions. 

CBD for guinea pigs

This amazing pet is a great weapon against stress. Even if its breeding is easy, it can suffer and you as a good owner should know effective ways to help it quickly and easily. CBD for guinea pigs fulfills exactly this. Indeed, some of their diseases may also result from a lack of endocannabinoids. This is where phytocannabinoids like CBD can help. 

Even small animals can suffer from anxiety or stress. Guinea pigs experience these conditions as a highly social species when they live without another pig or we don’t have time to give them enough attention. Shyness or nervousness sets in and this is where CBD will help them. Another problem is their susceptibility to arthritis. Painful and swollen bones are mostly caused by the absence of vitamin C. CBD can relieve these painful conditions and in addition cure or prevent inflammation. Scientists have also demonstrated the positive effect of this substance in the treatment of cancer, mobility problems, seizures, lack of appetite or general pain. 

CBD for guinea pigs

There are multiple ways to administer CBD to guinea pigs. The easiest way is CBD oils, especially from a dosing perspective. It is enough to put one or two drops, for example, on food, and because of their pleasant taste, they should not affect it negatively in any way or even disgust it. CBD oils are especially recommended for inflammation, pain, diabetes, stomach problems or anxiety. 

CBD for livestock

Hemp and its CBDs are a sustainable way of replacing most animal feed, according to research by Dr. Serkan Ates, who is an assistant professor of forage and livestock research at Oregon State University. CBD is similar in composition (mainly proteins) to alfalfa, which is commonly used to feed cattle. However, CBD for livestock also has other positive effects. Livestock benefit from its influence on cardiovascular function, proper joint and bone development, stress, anxiety or overall neurological health, for example. These are organic and natural substances that do not carry the threat of various negative side effects.

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