CBD oil for dogs - pain, anxiety, osteoarthritis, cancer, what products, dosage, benefits

CBD for dogs

CBD for dogs is mainly used for pain or anxiety symptoms. They, like other humans, have an endocannabinoid system, which is an important component of the central nervous system. CBD oil for dogs can protect your pet from stressful situations or illnesses that can otherwise weaken and unbalance the body. After CBD oil, dogs will experience expected relief even from chronic pain and it can make their life more enjoyable even in old age.

CBD studies in animals have shown that cannabidiol in dogs has anti-inflammatory effects, actively fights tumors and the proliferation of cancer cells, resolves skin problems, lack of appetite, and suppresses anxiety or aggression. CBD oil for dogs will also come with a leaflet explaining the correct dosage. 

CBD for dogs with anxiety

Fear and stress are natural biological reactions of animals that even protects them. The problem arises, however, if anxiety becomes chronic or irrational. These conditions are standardly treated by classical drugs, which, however, provoke various side effects. But you can replace dog tranquilizers with natural preparations that contain cannabidiol. This substance increases the level of serotonin, which helps to improve mood, memory or reduce stress. Along with this, it will relieve the symptoms of various physical problems and quell pain, which also helps to curb aggression and anxiety. Dogs often react badly to various noisy stimuli. 

CBD oil for New Year’s Eve is a way to help them survive this exuberant night without harm. The suppression of a dog’s fear with CBD was also confirmed by veterinarian Dr. Michael Petty for Veterinary News: “Most preparations only stimulate the regulation of the homeostatic state or the production of serotonin. Since cannabidiols work on homeostasis, side effects are extremely rare despite equal or even better treatment outcomes.” So you can use CBD for dog aggression without worrying about side effects that may manifest themselves negatively elsewhere.

CBD oil for dogs with osteoarthritis

Degenerative arthritis is a designation for a diverse group of diseases of the joints on different parts of the body of a degenerative nature as well as similar symptoms. It is caused by excessive wear and tear of the cartilage of the joints. Since it is a disease, the more accurate name is osteoarthritis (OA). All geriatric dogs are at risk. Cartilages are at great risk, as they become very irritated over the years and are subsequently peeled, degenerated and affected by small fissures. In more advanced stages, the bone is left completely unprotected as the cartilage is lost. The elbow joints are most often affected.

cbd for dogs

Since these are congenital and primary genetic defects, no medical prevention can be established.  But what really helps with arthritis in a dog?  We can treat osteoarthritis with CBD oil. Unlike arthritis medications, which are usually prescribed by a vet, you don’t have to worry about side effects

CBD oil is recommended by veterinarians because of its excellent effects. These preparations contain terpenes, fatty acids and phytocannabinoids that can fight joint pain. However, they may also have ASU, for example, where scientific studies have shown synergies when ASU, hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate are mixed together. Consequently, cartilage shredding is prevented. DHA and EPA, which are found in omega-3 acids, are also important substances. These reduce joint pain or inflammation and reduce the production of cartilage-destroying enzymes. We can also mention S-adenosylmethionine, which, according to studies, has the ability to relieve painful conditions and has similar effects to the well-known NSAID, but without the side effects.

CBD for dogs with epilepsy

This lifelong disease affects approximately 3% of all races. It is a functional disease of a nerve symptom. Symptoms of canine epilepsy are convulsions caused by excessive irritation of nerve cells by electrical discharges. The most common causes are birth defects, brain tumors, accidents (strangulation, poisoning, drowning) or blows to the head. However, the course of the disease can be positively influenced. One of the ways is the proper nutrition of dogs with epilepsy, which can fundamentally change the effectiveness of drugs and supply the body with necessary substances.

Conventional medicines for this condition cause serious side effects and up to 30% of dogs continue to have seizures even when taking them. CBD can help with canine epilepsy. The AKC Canine Health Foundation (AKCCHF) has published a clinical study where it has labeled cannabidiols toward treatment as resistant. Colorado State University veterinary neurologist and AKCCHF research project leader, Dr. Stephanie McGrath, said these studies may be groundbreaking for this particular treatment. “The drugs currently available to breeders often cause intolerable side-effects or have insufficient effects to eliminate or manage seizures. CBD is proving to be a great anticonvulsant, positively impacting the lives of thousands of dogs around the world. For studies, we randomly assigned dogs to groups according to whether they received a placebo or CBD for 12 weeks. Subsequently, it was reversed at the same time. The owners didn’t know which group their dogs were in,” she said of the specific study, adding that the results amply demonstrated the positive impact of cannabidiols.

CBD oil for dog

CBD prevents the transmission of information between cells (synaptic transmission). Specifically, it modifies the way neurons in the brain communicate with each other and their ability to absorb other substances. Thus, cannabidiol can make drugs designed to treat epilepsy more effective. CBD is also neuroprotective, i.e. it protects cells in the brain from damage. It combats seizures by acting on the levels of gamaminobutyric acid, which it increases. CBD blocks NMDA receptors, which affect the functioning of the central nervous system, and their disruption results in memory or concentration problems. It can also stabilize the functions of ion channels, which are important for proper cell function and helps to propagate excitations in the nervous system.

CBD for dogs with cancer

CBD has been used for canine cancer for centuries, but today we can confirm the effects of cannabidiols through scientific studies. Up to one third of them will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime, and 25% of them will develop neoplasia (excessive growth of tissues and cells in the body). Cancer is also the most common cause in these animals over the age of two years. The most common cancers in dogs include melanoma, breast cancer and lymphoma. 

CBD is a great help for dogs that have to participate in painful treatment regimes or to make their lives more pleasant during recovery. This substance works on the basis of interaction with the endocannabinoid system, which will make it more effective in managing various types of pain. Many painkillers carry the risk of side effects or the potential for overdose. In the case of CBD, this is not an option and pain or inflammation is treated naturally. However, research has shown that cannabidiol use can also lead to apoptosis, which is the killing of cancer cells.

Cannabidiol also has the positive ability to reduce oxidative stress, which helps the body fight off adverse pathogens without damaging healthy tissue. In addition, they have a positive effect on the functions of the intestinal system. Achieving a healthy night’s sleep is also a plus. Since most animals also have trouble maintaining appetite or nausea during treatment, they don’t have the strength and nutrients to recover. CBD use has also been shown to have positive effects in the treatment of cachexia (a cancer-induced metabolic disorder that often leads to severe loss of appetite and is the cause of many deaths).

CBD for dogs with any pain

Pain relief is usually addressed with different types of medications such as antihistamines, steroids, non-opioid analgesics or opioids. CBD for dog pain can regulate important nerve transmissions directly related to the transmission of pain sensations to the body. In addition, it increases the production of anandamide, which, by increasing the level, we achieve more effective suppression of pain perception. Along with this, we will also achieve an improvement in sleep or mood, but also a loss of lack of appetite. It’s all built on cannabidiol binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the nervous system and brain. All this is dispensed with without the side effects that are part of the treatment with classical medications. 

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CBD is often used for back pain caused by the common intervertebral disc disease IVDD. It is here that the anti-inflammatory effect of this substance is positively manifested. CBD also has excellent effects in arthritis and other diseases of joints, muscles and bones. 

Taking, dosage and risks

The most suitable preparation for these animals containing cannabidiol are oils. The dosage of CBD in a dog varies mainly according to body weight. Oils are administered in drops. The regular daily dose should be according to the formula 1 kg body weight x 0.5 mg cannabidiol. Experts recommend applying the oil under the dog’s tongue. If this is not possible, the preparation can be dripped on food or in a liquid. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance and free of toxicity. So far, there have been no proven cases of overdose. The effects appear up to half an hour (after about an hour in the case of more severe pain) and last up to 8 hours. 

Which CBD products are suitable for dogs?

You can currently find many different forms of preparations with this substance on the market. You can choose from CBD drops for dogs, CBD dog biscuits, hemp powder for dogs, CBD dog food, CBD dog treats or dog capsules. However, CBD dog oil is the most commonly used. Experience with CBD drops has shown their fastest onset or duration of positive effects. Moreover, it is also the easiest to use or dose. However, it is important to compare the prices of CBD oil for dogs, because at the moment these products are offered by a number of vendors, but the price can be very different even with the same active ingredient content or identical composition and effects. You can buy CBD drops for dogs without a vet’s approval right from the comfort of your own home.

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