What exactly does endocannabinoid system stand for?

In a few our posts, we’ve mentioned something called the endocannabinoid system. This is a widely connected system that affects almost every cell in your body. It’s relatively new to the medical community but research has established its role in the body for a few decades now.

It's tasked with balancing other key systems:

  • Endocrine system – hormones for mood, appetite, sleep, and more
  • Immune system – response to foreign bodies and tissue repair
  • Nervous system – how you feel and perceive the world

There’s a constant daily flux in all these systems between competing and coordinating chemicals.

Want examples? Ghrelin is a hormone that makes you feel hungry.Leptin is a hormone that makes you feel full. Who wins? Imagine this: there are dozens if not hundreds of similar tug of wars going on around the body and brain for all day every day. And your endocannabinoid system is tasked with balancing all of them.                                                    

CBD has been shown to support the endocannabinoid system which looks to be bearing the brunt of our modern world.This brings up the question then…how often do we take CBD to help in this endeavor?

Why people take CBD and why take it daily

There are two reasons that people take CBD: general wellness and health and specific health issues.

 Both would benefit from daily usage.The general wellness and health aim is obvious and then it’s a question of how much to take daily.Like a vitamin basically.


Yet over 60% of people who take CBD use it for a specific health issue. We could make a long list of  issues CBD is ready to help you with, but these are the basic ones: pain, anxiety, sleep, autoimmune diseases.


Let’s have a look at what the researchers say.

For example, a single dose of CBD reduced anxiety levels.Prolonged CBD treatment appears to have promising therapeutic effects for improving psychological symptoms and cognition in regular cannabis users.


Also, we now know that CBD’s estimated half-life in the body is about 4-6 hours. CBD doesn’t build up in your body, this means you can basically never take too much CBD and you can’t become tolerant to it. This means it always works and it’s also 100% natural. 

 The net effect is this: daily use of CBD is advisable, has a strong safety profile in research and can be effective for both wellness and health issues.

What else is CBD good for?

CBD oil can help you achieve smooth skin. Daily use helps battle insomnia, stress and anxiety and CBD also reduces cholesterol, so it’s good for your heart. Test have also shown CBD is invaluable as neuroprotection and CBD oil helps when pain relief is needed.

Saying that CBD is a bit like magic certainly is no overstatement and taking it daily helps you stay healthy.

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