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Does CBD Oil have Side Effects?

Dr. Med. Vladimir Krasula


April 9, 2021

Most people do not experience any side effects of CBD after taking it. Studies show that there is no negative effect even after taking high doses of cannabidiol. However, a small percentage of people may experience minor side effects of CBD such as diarrhea, decreased appetite or fatigue. However, these side effects generally occur very rarely and only at high doses or concentrations of cannabidiol in oil. Serious side effects have not been detected in the treatment of serious diseases with normal or high doses of CBD.

However, tests in animals at extremely high doses (up to 2000 times the normal human dose) have shown serious side effects. The authors of the study acknowledge CBD’s significant therapeutic effects in all known areas, in the following at least:

● Anti-epileptic
● Anxiolytic (anxiety, depression)
● Antipsychotic
● Neuroprotective
● Spastic
Chronic pain
● Cancer
● Miscellaneous dependencies

CBD may interfere with some medicines by increasing or dampening their effects. This can partially prevent sufficient time lags between taking the medicine and CBD (cannabidiols alone remain in the body for only a few hours), but it is always necessary to use CBD and discuss the appropriate dosage with your doctor, especially while taking the medicines. However, due to the lack of completed clinical trials, it cannot be argued that CBD does not have any serious side effects, but according to the available data, no serious side effects have yet been reported.

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