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CBD oil and obesity

Thomas (Tomeo)


August 17, 2021

Obesity is generally considered as a disease of the twenty-first century. Due to our lifestyle, lack of exercising and movement in general, office-based jobs, fast food and quality of the food, obesity is a rapidly rising problem, researchers estimate it to rise by as much as 33% over the next two decades.

Obesity can increase your risk for serious medical diseases and conditions, such as:

* Type 2 diabetes
* High blood pressure
* Heart diseases
* Higher chance of stroke
* Cancer

Trying to lose weight can be tough. It takes effort, dedication and time. Alongside healthy diet, proper food and healthy unprocessed food, some of the supplements may help you with boosting your metabolism, reduce your food intake and generally help you to reach your goal of losing weight and help you to live healthier and longer. Although it is not a miracle cure and should not be used as a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise, CBD oil is definitely one of them.

It is proven that obesity and chronic pain go side by side together and can negatively impact your effort to lose weight. CBD can also help you to reduce chronic pain and thus let you exercise more frequently, harder and recover your body after intensive workouts.

More research is needed, but CBD can affect your appetite as well, making your hunger go away and thus reduce your food intake.

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